Please note doing this will bypass any security setup on the pogoplug site for folders/files, you are requesting data directly from your pogoplug. Use at own risk.

One time steps:
  1. Get the needed software.
    - download dockaccess.jar and from this page
    - download sqlite from
    - download java jre/jdk ( if you don't already have it on your system.
  2. enable direct disk access to pogoplug on your lan, via settings WFS on the pogoplug site.
  3. assign a static ip to your pogoplug in your router's configuration.
    - login to your routers admin page, look for something like DHCP.
    - list of DHCP clients on the lan will have the pogoplug
    - if you hare not sure which is it, try net view \\<local domain ip> until you find it, will generate the disk name as share name
    - assign referring to the MAC address of the pogoplug, a static ip.
  4. forward port 3333 or whatever to pogoplug 3333
    - on your router admin site, Advanced settings. Forward port 3333 to 3333 on the dockstar's IP set in step 3.
  5. get your external IP, status page on your router should show IP Address, this is your EXTERNAL ip address on the net.
  6. get device ID, hidden file at root of drive.
    - type .ceid
    - note diskid= (about 22 chars of stuff like DIFdkfJdkf-p12Fbjr)
  7. fill in your IP(from step 5) and DeviceId(from step 6) in the file.
Steps needed each time to refresh listing:
  1. net use pogoplug device in windows or whatever on mac
    - use IP from step 3 above, to issue 'net view \\<ip>' to get the share name
    - use share name to net use the device as a drive
    - net use h: "\\ip\<share name>" (might need quotes if share name has spaces)
  2. copy over cedb file from .cedata hidden directory at root of drive.
  3. generate input file for utility
    - run sqlite
    sqlite3.exe cedb
    .output fileinfo.txt
    select f_fileid, f_type, f_path from vfs_files;
  4. generate links.txt and linksPage.html via utility.
    - java -jar dockaccess.jar fileinfo.txt

The end result is two files. One is a simple text file of the links needed to access the files on your pogoplug, email or whatever this over to your iPad. then copy and past the link you want into the address bar. The send is a html page which those links, if you have some web hosting just publish this page, then just navigation to the page and click the link.