Evernote access on more than two devices for free.


I have used evernote for many years, tough just for personal use. Thus, I have about a dozen notebooks and about 500 notes. It was not hard to tell they were pushing for more premium users, and one of the reasons I did not want to use Evernote even more was because I thought they might pull something and restrict access. Though it did not guess they were going to do something so fundamental as restrict access to only two devices.
If you do use them processionally, please support them as they do seem to provide a good service.
A few ways to get around the two device restrictions.
  1. Use a thrid party application on your phone with Evernote sync support.

  2. On the announcement of the device restriction I noticed they said this would not affect third party apps. Since I wanted off-line note access without charge, I had already setup and was using Pocket Informant The note rendering is good on iOS and fair on Android. As I already said, you also get offline access to your notes.

  3. Share notebooks with yourself(via setup of a second user account)

  4. Two devices per user, fine. Just create a few users and share all the notebooks from your main account with the other accounts. Then add two devices per account. It's not hard, but does take a bit of time to setup.

  5. Pretend to be on a PC/Mac web browser ever if you are not

  6. Access from your iPad or other mobile browser seems to be blocked. Good thing is it's not too hard to subvert. The blocking is done by simply inspecting the User-agent HTTP header made when you access the evernote site. So, if you use a browser on your iPad that lets you specify the this HTTP header value, you can still access the web version of Evernote.